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The International Dieterich Buxtehude Society

Dieterich Buxtehude (also spelled Dietrich*) was born probably 1637 in Helsingborg (today Sweden) and died 1707 in Lübeck (Germany).
He was the organist of St. Mary’s church of Lübeck, the most famous brickstone gothic cathedral of the baltic region. As a
composer of both spiritual and secular music he became the leading person of baroque music in northern Europe. As a teacher he added to the skills of masters like Johann Sebastian Bach and Nicolaus Bruhns.

Though a central figure of german lutheran church music, his works became more and more attractive to foreign people, and leading efforts of Buxtehude research and interpretation are taking place outside Germany.To spread the knowledge of Dieterich Buxtehude’s work, the “International Dieterich Buxtehude Society” (Internationale Dieterich-Buxtehude-Gesellschaft) has been founded in Lübeck 8 may 2004.


*) Both spellings are in use. You can reach this website via “www.dietrich-buxtehude.org” as well as via “www.dieterich-buxtehude.org”


last updated
28 September, 2014